Discover the 5 Biggest Credit Card Companies

There are various credit card companies throughout the world. In this cutthroat industry, finding the right company for your needs allows you, not only to be more financially savvy, but also more adept in finding the right credit card product

With numerous companies in the industry, it can be downright challenging and overwhelming to see exactly who’s who in the finance world. After all, you do not want to just entrust your finances to any company on the market. 

If you are on the lookout for a new credit card, make sure to check out these five biggest names in credit card history. With this guide, you’ll gain more insight into them. Read on to find out. 

Discover the 5 Biggest Credit Card Companies


Visa is a credit card network, which means that instead of issuing their own credit cards, they facilitate transactions. They work with credit card processors, such as banks, to issue credit cards. 

To date, Visa is considered the largest major payment network in the world today. It has around 336 million cardholders worldwide. 

The company traces its humble beginnings back in 1958 when it launched the first-ever electronic credit card with the Bank of America. It later expanded to an international level in 1974, with cards being issued under different companies and names. 

Among its partner, banks are Barclaycard in the United Kingdom, Chargex in Canada, Sumitomo in Japan, and Bancomer in Mexico. It established its brand later on in 1976 under Visa. Benefits with this card range from cash back to travel options. 


Coming in behind Visa is Mastercard with around 231 million cardholders. This makes the network the second-largest credit card company in the world. There are three banks originally behind MasterCard, namely United California Bank, Wells Fargo, and Crocker National Bank. 

Some of the perks behind credit card products under Mastercard are flexible and easy bill payments as well as personal information protection. 


Citibank is third in line with around 95 million cardholders. It boasts of numerous rewards programs, including cash back rewards, an excellent rewards system, and many others. 

Citibank is part of Citigroup Inc. In 2018, it was considered the third-largest bank in the United States alone and 30th on the Fortune 500 list. However, it traces its roots bank in 1812. 


With 83 million cardholders, Chase comes in fourth place in this list. Despite this, this credit card company is touted as the second-largest credit card issuer for general-purpose credit card products in the United States alone. 

Chase has partnerships with varying companies, including the likes of Southwest Airlines and even Disney. This ensures that their customers have a wide range of rewards to choose from, with one of their offerings considered as one of the best travel credit cards on the market. 

Its credit cards mainly bank on providing users with introductory bonus points and an enviable rewards program, including travel perks, such as redeemable flights, and hotel accommodations.

American Express

Discover the 5 Biggest Credit Card Companies

American Express has approximately 63 million cardholders around the world, across 160 countries to be exact. This credit card company is considered the world’s largest issuer of credit cards within the transaction sector. 

Otherwise known as Amex, this credit card network and issuer and one has gained its reach primarily by targeting individuals with good or high credit, particularly those who are high spenders. Because of this, many of the cards by this company have become synonymous with luxury. 

The Bottom Line

Getting to know the five biggest credit card companies will help you get to know where or who you want to transact with. With this guide, you will have further insight into what each company does and where your financial future could best go with.